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The unique Kera-Disk ® heating plate of aluminum provides fast heating times, and the wafer-thin ceramic
coating makes the heating plate both chemically and scratch resistant!

  • The extended heating capacity of 800 W reduces heat-up times by 35 % compared to other units at 600 W
  • The chemically resistant KeraDisc® hot plate allows for immediate heat transfer resulting in quick heat-up times
  • In case the heating function fails, stirring will not be discontinued to prevent bumping
  • A separate ON/OFF button for heating prevents unintentional heat-up – the button is illuminated for visual control
  • Damage to the stirrer is categorically ruled out even if exposed to highest temperatures – all models come with a fi re-resistant aluminum die-cast housing
  • In case of a short-circuit, a damage or removal of the temperature sensor from the media, the unit powers off completely
  • The temperature sensor switches off heating in case of any overtemperature situation
  • Hermetically sealed housing protects all mechanical and electronic components from aggressive environments







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