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Heidolph's Complete Range Of Products >>Overhead Stirrers



The powerful RZR Series stirrer can accomplish the most demanding tasks while providing the highest
safety and increased performance life!

  • A through-shaft design allows for adjusting the impeller position to make height adjustment more convenient
  • A 2-gear stage design guarantees the highest power over the entire speed range for continuous operation, even in polymer research
  • All electronic stirrers maintain exact speed under changing loads and even accept 200 % peak overload for a limited period of time without interrupting the process
  • Reduce process times by utilizing patented ViscoJET® impellers for mixing gels and other challenging media with ease
  • Remote control allows for the highest operational safety from outside a closed fume hood
  • The motor will be switched off if a high thermal load situation occurs to provide operator safety during continuous operation
  • Sealed housing guarantees longevity and maintenance-free 24-hour operation in an aggressive environment







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