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Heidolph's Complete Range Of Products >> Shakers & Mixers



Choose from 6 specific motions - from one to three dimensional movements, from 3 different load capacities
and upgrade them optionally to an incubator shaker!

  • Rule out accidents: all models have been designed with a low center of gravity which prevents gliding at high speed, even on a damp surface
  • Choose between different shaking motions, orbits, angles and load capacities: the right model for your specific application
  • Unlimited visual reaction control at all times: the transparent, non‐fogging PETG material offers it all
  • For applications in microbiology: the insulated drive system prevents any heat build‐up from the motor and consequently thermal damage to your sample
  • Immediate access: optional incubator hood opens instantly and interlocks in any position
  • An overtemperature sensor preventively shuts off the unit in a dangerous heat‐up situation – particularly valuable in case of continuous operation

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